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About Us
Thank you for the support from our customer, supplier and business partner which help Micron TM Sdn Bhd achieve a very excellent growth in sales and profitability. Technology in computer is changing so quickly in today's fast moving market.  Businesses in this region require a business partners with technically superior and full competent in computer market, like Micron TM Sdn Bhd to gives them consultation, supplies of computer system and equipment, which is suitable for their requirement to avoid the wastage and to make sure it is fulfilling the future requirement of the industry.

We are greatly blessed to be in this innovative and fast moving computer industry that fully utilize our expertise and knowledge to joint force and built our country vision for computerize nation.  We are proud to be a player who is able to contribute to the growth of the industry, and be able to fully support our Prime Minister vision.

We are working hard to improve the computer knowledge among Malaysian in assisting the government achieving the vision 2020.  From time to time, Micron TM Sdn Bhd organizes seminars and having computer exhibition to expose the information technology to the general public.  We also participate in various activities related to information technology either being organize by the government as well as private sector. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who involve either directly or indirectly in exploring the information technology and turning Malaysian into the IT rich nation.

Micron TM Sdn Bhd (Company No. 496151-K) was incorporated on 26th October 1999 under Malaysia Companies Act.  We have started our business as a computer retail outlet and service center in 1992 in Kota Kinabalu under a sole proprietor company.  Seven years later, Micron TM Sdn Bhd was incorporated.  With the hard work and dedicated work force, and more important the support from the customer, we manage to expand our business to a medium scale as we are today. Currently we have 3 retail outlets locatedly in Kompleks Karamunsing namely The Datasoft, Micron Computer and Wisarich Sdn Bhd. In the year 2003, we expand our wing to register ourselves as a Local distributor namely Micron TM Distribution Sdn Bhd for computer hardware and periperals. Currently, we have over 200 dealers state wide.  We are proud to be one of the leading computer retailer in the state of Kota Kinabalu, with annual group turnover of more than ten million ringgit.

Micron TM Sdn Bhd had been registered with an authorized capital of RM500,000.00 and our paid up capital is RM200,000.00.  With the overdraft facilities from the bank and personal loan from the company directors, we are now having a rolling capital of more than RM1,500,000.00. We are also register with Perbendaharaan Malaysia Sabah under registration reference number 000-005234 as an authorized contractor for supplying and maintaining computer and computer related products in Government sector.

The main objective of Micron TM Sdn Bhd is to put all the expertise together and provide the total solutions with cost effective for customer in the area of information technology, customer support, marketing and management. In order to achieve this mission, we believe we must:

. - Be technically superior and competent in computer market.
. - Provide our client with World Class service and support
. - Be totally committed to the clients requirement at all times.
. - Be the first to introduce the latest computer technology to our clients.
. - Acknowledge our duty to our customers, the public and to Malaysia, by taking an active role in raising
    levels of IT awareness and computer literacy wherever we have a presence.
. - Give full value for money by supplying only the best quality products at the most competitive price.

Our special attention given to the customer does not end when the computer system is being delivered and installed. We always keep track in our records the computer system being use by our customer. Our customer service assistance will advise the customer on the latest changes in computer technology and attend to the upgrading needs by the customer on the right time.  We also advise customer on the latest release of software packages in the market, and free consultation will be given to customer on the suitability of the new software packages with the customer requirement. This is to make sure the investment make by our customer will be value for their money.

Our customer service assistances are also always ready to give free and no obligation consultation to our customer who wishes to improve their computerization system.  This is to help our customer growth with the computerization trend and current technology and requirement.  We always suggest the cost effective matted and go along with customer requirement and budget.  We also provide counter service to our end-user during our office hours for immediate attend to their support requirement.


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